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Protective Helmet (Soft) Protective Helmet (Rigid) Cranial Remolding Helmet (Starband) Cranial Remolding Helmet Sideview (Starband) Cranial orthoses are helmets. There are two types, protective and cranial remolding. Protective helmets are used to protect individuals that are are risk to hit their head due to falls or self injurious behavior. Cranial Remolding Orthoses are helmets specially designed to […]

Spinal Braces

TLSO TLSO TLSO (2 views) TLSO Anterior Opening w/interface TLSO Anterior Opening w/interface TLSO Anterior Opening (Pattern: Aliens) Spinal braces are much less dynamic than other braces discussed previously but are none the less important. They can be off the shelf or custom fabricated as well. In general, spinal orthoses support the vertebrae and stabilize […]

Upper Extremity Braces

Elbow Orthosis with Adj. ROM Joints Elbow Wrist Hand Orthosis w/ Ultraflex Joints Elbow Brace w/Step lock Joints WHO with Steplock wrist joint A  Finger Orthosis also known as FO, not to be confused wth a Foot Orthotic is designed to support the finger(s) for a number of reasons such as fracture management or stretching a contracted […]


Articulated AFO (Pattern: Pink Camo)​ Articulated AFO (Pattern: Sunflower) Articulated AFO (Pattern: Batman) AFO night time stretch draw strap KAFO With Ultraflex Jts And Draw Straps​ SAFO With Molded Inner Boot (Anterior View)​ SAFO with Molded Inner Boot (side view) SMO-PLS Combination​ AFO night time stretching (BOA system) Solid AFO Pattern: Tatoo​ Soft AFO​ SMO-PLS […]