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Articulated AFO
(Pattern: Pink Camo)​

Articulated AFO
(Pattern: Sunflower)

Articulated AFO
(Pattern: Batman)

AFO night time stretch
draw strap

KAFO With Ultraflex
Jts And Draw Straps​

SAFO With Molded Inner
Boot (Anterior View)​

SAFO with Molded
Inner Boot (side view)

SMO-PLS Combination​

AFO night time
stretching (BOA system)

Solid AFO Pattern: Tatoo​

Soft AFO​

SMO-PLS Combination​

SMO (Pattern: Batman)

Articulated AFO​

Articulated "A" Frame

Articulated AFO​


AFO W/Ultraflex Joint​

KAFOs (Pattern: Puppies)

Articulated AFOs
(Pattern: Construction)

Foot Orthotics ( FOs ) are custom designed or off the shelf supports for the feet commonly referred to as Orthotics or arch supports.
UCBLs or Inframalleolar Orthosis ( IMO ), is a slightly more supportive device that is designed to control and support the hind foot and mid foot to prevent unwanted motion or deforming forces.
Supramalleolar Orthoses ( SMOs ) is a brace which incapsulates the ankle bones (malleolii) and the foot. It is designed to provide excellent control of the subtalar joint and prevent more involved varus or valgus instabilities.
Ankle Foot Orthoses ( AFOs ) comes in many different forms and types. There are off the shelf AFOs and custom AFOs to meet specific needs. AFOs can have a solid ankle that restricts motion or it can have joints in them which can allow certain motion and block unwanted motion and lots of variants in between. There are AFOs which are designed to be worn at night to provide a passive stretch of the calf muscles or AFOs which are designed to be worn all day to facilitate ambulation.
Knee Orthoses ( KOs ) are next as we move up the leg. The knee can be treated with several different types of knee orthoses (KOs) as well. Depending on the severity of the injury or type of instability, there are numerous types of KOs available either commercially or custom made ranging from a knee sleeve to a custom KO with all the bells and whistles to control the knee in three planes.
Hip Orthoses ( HOs ) can usually prevent all motion or limit motion in specific ranges. The hip joint is very difficult to control due to its structure, a ball and socket joint. children, a hip orthosis is used frequently to treat hip dysplasia. In this case the HO is designed to direct the ball of the femur into the acetabulum (socket) of the pelvis. This is achieved by putting the hip(s) in an abducted position. Of course, there are many other types of HOs and it can be combined with a knee brace to make a Hip Knee Orthosis ( HKO ) or a KAFO to make an HKAFO.
Foot Orthotics ( FOs ) are custom designed or off the shelf supports for the feet commonly referred to as Orthotics or arch supports.

Our Patterns

We have many patterns to choose from including different padding options as well for girls, boys or neutral. Colors may vary slightly on finished braces.