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Elbow Orthosis with
Adj. ROM Joints

Elbow Wrist Hand Orthosis
w/ Ultraflex Joints

Elbow Brace w/Step
lock Joints

WHO with Steplock
wrist joint

Finger Orthosis also known as FO, not to be confused wth a Foot Orthotic is designed to support the finger(s) for a number of reasons such as fracture management or stretching a contracted joint.
Hand Orthoses ( HOs ) support the small carpal bones of the hand, but they are less common as most times either the fingers.
Hand Finger Orthoses ( HFOs ) support the hand and at least one finger or thumb.
Wrist Hand Orthoses ( WHOs ) is the most commonly prescribed for the upper extremity is the Wrist Hand Orthosis ( WHO )
Wrist Hand Finger Orthoses ( WHFOs ). Most often these are used for sprains and strains, fracture management, or to prevent deformity of the involved extremity.
Elbow Orthoses ( EOs ) is generally used to stabilize the elbow for numerous reasons; fracture management, post operatively, prevent or reduce a contracture. There are numerous types of off the shelf EOs as well as custom to provide the correct support.
Elbow Wrist Hand Finger Orthoses ( EWHFOs ) are used when the upper extremity requires corrective or accommodative support from the elbow down.
Shoulder Elbow Wrist Hand Orthoses ( SEWHOs ) stabilize the entire arm from the shoulder to the fingers. The materials and components are available make it possible to achieve most desired results.

Our Patterns

We have many patterns to choose from including different padding options as well for girls, boys or neutral. Colors may vary slightly on finished braces.